Update: Up and Running

I’ve finally managed to get fully equipped with a decent 35mm SLR and shoot some film!

In fact, I developed my first roll of film yesterday and I’ll be sharing the results here.

After the disappointment of my faulty Canon, I settled on a recently refurbished, Yashica FX-D Quartz. The FX-D had suffered from problems with it’s outer trim, with many complaining that the camera’s material lining was fragile and easy to rip.


Thankfully, my refurbished model came with a refitted trim, made from stronger synthetic material with a red tinge to set it apart from the standard model in both looks and longevity.

Once i’d loaded the film I was ready to go. I don’t have much time to shoot, with work on weekdays and travelling to see friends and my girlfriend on weekends, so I decided that the best way to shoot was to simply bring my camera with me.

That’s why my fist developed roll of film features pictures from my friends’ student house in Durham, the beach at Seaham, my girlfriend’s flat in Deptford, London and one from my commute to work in Leeds.

If you’re interested in seeing those images, please click here My First Roll of Film (Available once I’ve uploaded them, hopefully soon)


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