FRESH: The Nikon EM

The ‘Women’s Nikon’ (???)

Marketed, in an incredibly sexist manner, as The Nikon SLR for Women, the Nikon EM featured simpler controls than it’s more expensive SLR brothers and sisters (The F, F3 .etc) Obviously, you don’t need me to tell you how ludicrously demeaning and belittling this is to women, and neither do Nikon. The EM was a flop, the marketing departments choice to push this simplistic, yet excellent little camera on women was a terrible idea.

The fact was that female photographers in the early 80s were not looking for an auto exposure only SLR, they were looking for high spec fully manual/aperture exposure models, just like their male counterparts (obviously).

However, I think this is a shame. The poor little Nikon EM never asked for any of this. It doesn’t regard women in the same way greasy ’80’s marketing execs did. All it wants to do is take some decent snaps without any fuss.

So, after reading reviews from (mostly male) owners, I found an EM body, in great condition for around £25 on eBay. It arrived this week and I’ve ordered a 35-70mm telescopic lens, as well as a nifty 50mm E-series to go with it.

The body arrived this week and the lens is due to turn up any day now so keep an eye on this blog. I’ll be using the camera in the coming weeks and will most likely give my short term impressions in February.

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