FRESH: Nikon E-Series 50mm (F1.8)

After purchasing the Nikon EM (That I’m currently working on a review for) I received many recommendations for a lens to use with it, especially after people saw the huge, heavy 28mm – 85mm (F3.5) lens that I’d been using with it. The one that I got the most was the E-series 50mm.

I was told it would be great for someone starting out, like me, due to its weight, size, ease of use and relative inexpensiveness.

My E-series arrived last week and I had chance to shoot with it this weekend. Once I’ve seen the pictures that it produced I’ll post a full review, but for now, I’ll gove my first impressions of the lens.

Nikon Series E 50mm

The E-series features the largest aperture I’ve ever used, at a pretty wide 1.8. My other two lenses stop at 3.5 so to have almost an extra 2 full stops was a great insight into pro optics.

The lens itself was in great condition. I’d picked it up off eBay for around £70 which was about average price. I didn’t want to spend much more but I also didn’t want to risk a faulty, dusty or fungusy lens.

Using the lens was easy and intuitive. The focus ring was smooth and clicking through F stops was a breeze. With the aperture ring fully open I could see the softness of the edges start to come in.

I’m intrigued to see how these photographs develop and how the lens continues to perform week on week.

Keep it locked to The 35mm to see.

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