7 Youtube Channels to Improve Your Photography


King Jvpes

KingJvpes (AKA Jonathan Paragas) is an analogue photography enthusiast from San Francisco. His relaxed style of vlogging and completely transparent reviews make him a must follow for me.

This one is great for any newbies like me as Jonathan is relatively new to the scene, even if his crisp cinematography and hugely informative videos say otherwise. His film photography is pretty sweet too.


Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon

Peter is quite a youtubey character. He’s a professional photographer from Toronto and whilst he might be a little too much for some, he has a seriously vast knowledge of anything related to cinematography, photography and editing.

If you can let the shite house music, constant appearances from Youtube friend, Casey Neistat, and obvious click-bait titles fly, you’ll get some great tips and advice from an extremely capable professional photographer.


Jessica Kobeissi

jessica kobeissi

If you’re having a bit of a gloomy day, Jessica’s channel with certainly have you smiling and learning a hell of a lot. She’s a fashion and portrait photographer and her sunny disposition is refreshing in what can be quite a technical and information heavy topic.

I find her videos on portrait techniques and kit reviews the most useful as she’s always honest and doesn’t mince her words. For a cheerful insight into a professional’s life and work, this is a brilliant channel to follow.


Negative Feedback

George Muncey.jpg

This is one of the most extensive dedicated professional film shooting channels you’ll find anywhere. George Muncey provides an insight into film photograph on all formats for all kinds of photography.

Here you’ll find anything from shooting nature landscapes on large format film to comparing the cheapest 35mm films on the market, all with help from a host of talented friends and guests.

Negative Feedback is a must follow for anyone involved in shooting film, professional or beginner. It’s a real, living, breathing delve into the life of a unique photographer.


Manny Oritz


Manny is a self-taught portrait photographer from Chicago. His portrait tutorials come from an extensive knowledge that he has built up over time. From lens choice to finding the perfect light, if you need help perfecting those portraits, Manny is your man.

His helpful kit comparison videos will also help you decide which direction to go in with your next upgrade. Because, can you ever really have too much kit?


Julia Trotti


If it’s fashion photography that floats your boat, Julia’s channel has everything you’ll need to get started. Her photo shoot videos really help portray the rapport between photographer and model and how important it can be in finding the perfect shot.

Her stylised mixture of vlogs, how-to’s and shoot documentaries make for a really useful information bank that you can dip into anytime you’re stuck.


Mike Janik

Mike janik

I’ve left one of my personal favourites ’til last. Although it might be sporadic and a little DIY in places, Mike Janik’s channel is an absolute goldmine of film nerdiness, film shooting inspiration and some charming Canadian sarcasm.

A true artist, Mike’s photo shoots are solitary and genuinely satisfying to watch, and the results are unbelievable. If this channel doesn’t make you want to shoot film all day every day, I don’y know what will!


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