Kodak ColorPlus

I’ve been shooting with ColorPlus on and off now for around 4 months, and I think it’s great.

Whilst some might look down on it for being cheaper than other films and maybe not offering the same fine-grain fanciness that more expensive film does, I found it to be a solid little film.

It performs. Even when you don’t.

We all make mistakes. And when you’re a beginner like me, you make more than your fair share.

I found that even when you underexpose an image by quite a significant margin, ColorPlus still maintains detail that even an expensive film might have lost in processing.

I have also shot a couple of horribly overexposed shots and was quite impressed by how not-so-terrible they came out, although they were still pretty unusable.


It’s Sustainable

Film photography is expensive. There’s no question about that. However, if you’re a beginner who’s looking to get better, the only option you have is to shoot more. This obviously means buying more film. Expensive film.

ColorPlus offers a way of shooting more regularly without having to take out a mortgage. I picked up 10 rolls of £23 on eBay, making it the cheapest film I’ve ever bought, at just over £2 per roll.

A Solid Baseline Film

This film is a fantastic performer and represents excellent value for money at this price. I know it’s often pitched against Fuji Superior and Agfa Vista in the cheap film war and these at both films I intend to test in the future, using ColorPlus as a reference point.

As for picture quality, take a look at any colour photographs I’ve uploaded on here thus far, they’ve all been shot on ColorPlus.

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