In Progress – Summer on Film

Over the summer I’ve been extremely busy, hence the lack of regular updates on The 35mm. This is down to a number of things, but mostly I haven’t had time to shoot enough, write enough or just generally keep up to date with the film scene. This is down to a number of things, holidays, family occasions and work, but mostly it’s due to me trying to facilitate moving out of my sleepy Yorkshire village and into London.

I currently work as a Copywriter in Leeds (hence my *ahem* beautiful, eloquent writing style) and juggling that with a constant job search for the last 6 months has eaten up a lot of my life. However, I’m starting to manage my time better and, with a couple of rolls of film that i managed to squeeze in this summer, I should have my Summer on Film piece ready to go in the coming weeks.

Thanks to bearing with me, if there is anyone there that is. If there isn’t then, hello future Ben, reading back on this and cringing before you delete it forever.


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