A New Camera for a New City

Last November, I was ready to visit Lisbon, a photographers haven. Colourful, gliding streets and cluttered alleyways that spill into each other, allowing shops and tiny cafes to nestle in the corners and between homes. The iconic yellow wooden trames that scoot into frame, making every shot a 1950’s-esque postcard scene. So I must have taken some pretty special pictures right?

Well, thanks to my ‘trusty’ Nikon FG-20 breaking THE DAY BEFORE I flew to Portugal, I was left with only an iPhone 6 camera to grab photos of my trip. I normally use my iPhone camera when I bring an anologue shooter anyway, but some shots really required the grunt of a full frame shutter and some decent glass.

After getting back from portugal, I’ve been on somewhat of a shoestring budget, so I replaced my knackered Nikon with a £20 Chinon CM-4s. I was pleasantly surprised with the camera’s condition. A scratch and fungus free Chinon f1.9 lens takes care of the optics nicely and the shutter speeds, the shutter itself and the mirror are all in perfect condition. There’s even very little wear on the body itself. Whilst I am yet to develop any pictures from it (as I haven’t had any time), there are no signs that make me think there is any functional issues with the little Chinon.

I’ve been coming a roll of Ilford HP5 that’s nearly finished. It was shot partially in London towards the end of November/December, and partially at home in Hebden Bridge over Christmas. I’m also two weeks away from a trip to Abu Dhabi, where I plan to go through a colour film or two, perhaps dabbling with some B+W if I have the time.

It will be intersting to see how the images from the Chinon stand up to other cameras I’ve owned, hopefully it will outlast them though!

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